Tuesday, October 30, 2007

[News Update] Sheamus O'Shaunessy's Website Makes It Official: WWE Developmental Talent Coming to LCW!

Sheamus O'Shaunessy made official today with a post on his official website (SOSofficial.com) what fans of Legends Championship Wrestling have known for awhile now: that the WWE developmental talent is coming to Legends Championship Wrestling!


Legends Championship Wrestling, the premier online fantasy wrestling organization, announced today an agreement with Sheamus O'Shaunessy. O'Shaunessy is currently signed to a three-year developmental contract with the WWE and is currently appearing in WWE's developmental territory Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW).
O'Shaunessy will be the first active wrestling, non-legend ever featured in LCW storylines.
LCW Founder, and storyline Chairman of the Board, Christian Calaway said in a telephone interview with
LegendsChampionshipWrestling.com, "Sheamus is an incredible talent and, without a doubt, has a future in professional wrestling and I'm sure will one day be featured in LCW storylines as a recognized legend after a long, healthy career with WWE. This is the first step in taking LCW to the next level and we're proud to have Sheamus as a part of that."
Legends Championship Wrestling, founded in 2005 by Calaway, only features recognizable legends of professional wrestling and only legends not currently featured weekly on WWE or TNA television programming. Just like WWE and TNA, LCW presents "television" storylines to its audience, posted weekly on its website which build to monthly "pay-per-view" events.

Calaway said, "I think the fact that we only feature legends that everyone recognizes and knows and remembers, legends that aren't featured on WWE or TNA television, really helps make our product more believable and realistic. We also don't use deceased legends either. My goal with LCW from day one has been to create a product as realistic as possible and I think we've done that in a lot of different ways. I get emails all the time from fans who say, 'I can see this in my head,' or who ask 'When is LCW on TV?" That to me is the greatest compliment because it means I've done my job: I've told realistic, believable stories."
Several of the legends featured in the storylines have also voiced their support for the product and their inclusion in the storylines, including Baby Doll, Missy Hyatt, Diamond Dallas Page, and Manny Fernandez. Calaway said, "Getting their support in the product is what's most important, letting them know that all we're trying to do is honor them and keep their names fresh in the memory of fans. And in some cases we're introducing them to a whole new generation of fans and that's something we're really proud of. If I can make one 13 year old fan of John Cena, who has never heard of Baby Doll or Manny Fernandez because WWE and Vince McMahon have never featured them or talked about them on WWE television, if I can make that kid stop and get on the internet and research who Baby Doll is or who Manny Fernandez is and what they meant to this business, then I've done my job."

Over the course of two years and with that passion which Calaway infuses into every weekly episode of LCW Showdown (www.lcwshowdown.com) and every monthly pay-per-view, Legends Championship Wrestling has grown to reach a weekly audience of over 55,000 fans, making it the largest and most well known fantasy wrestling organization on the internet today.

When asked about introducing the fresh, new face of O'Shaunessy to his audience, Calaway said, "It's going to be a unique challenge. This is the first time that we've introduced someone that most of the audience might not know. Other than myself, as the only original character in LCW, everyone else has a proven track record and a recognizable name or a Wikipedia-able name. I don't have any pictures of myself on the website or the MySpace page because I want the audience to create in their minds what my character looks like. As the only original character that just made sense to me. But with Sheamus, we have a character now who might not be as established as the legends we normally feature, but is a real person and has a very real image and a great image, I might add, and I really believe that he's someone that the audience should know, should follow as he makes his way up the ranks, and I'm really proud and honored to be able to help introduce him to the audience in this way. It's going to be a unique challenge to include him, but we're a unique product, and he's a unique individual, and I really think it's all going to fit together very well in the end."

But how will O'Shaunessy's character be incorporated into the storylines? Calaway told
LegendsChampionshipWrestling.com some of his plans, "Sheamus' character won't be an active in-ring competitor, at least that's not what we're planning at the moment, but he will have an important role and a very impactful one. We're going to have a lot of fun with his character because, honestly, he's got one of the greatest characters I've seen in quite awhile. I just hope the internet audience out there will check out what we do with him and hopefully enjoy the entire product."
When asked what O'Shaunessy's non-wrestling role might be, Calaway refused to elaborate, but did hint that O'Shaunessy's role in Legends Championship Wrestling could be that of a bodyguard saying, "Well, I will say this: Sheamus used to be a bodyguard for U2's Bono so we would like to do something with that. We would like to tell that story. So, he very well could be used in that capacity. You'll just have to check out the storylines to see if that's the case."
O'Shaunessy said of his involvement with the fantasy organization, "We wanna build big online bonds and make SOS the internet's number one wrestler. The fans are the most important thing, and we wanna recreate a legend like (Hulk) Hogan with the SOS character. Go back to the '80s and get old school, when wrestling was at its peak. Everyone's calling out for something like this. We reckon with an underground wave of support from the real fans we can make enough noise that they will have to listen."

Sheamus O'Shaunessy's character is expected to debut in LCW storylines in the next few weeks.


For more information on Legends Championship Wrestling, visit LegendsChampionshipWrestling.com or myspace.com/lcwrestling. Also, check out LCW Showdown, posted every Wednesday evening at 8PM EST/5PM PST only on LCWShowdown.com.

For more information on Sheamus O'Shaunessy, visit SOSofficial.com or myspace.com/sosofficial.

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