Tuesday, December 01, 2009

LCW Showdown Television Official Preview 12.02.09

Following the explosive LCW Redemption Day 2009 pay-per-view this past Sunday, the Showdown Championship Draft continues and the champions – some old, some new – prepare to defend their titles once again in the LCW Showdown Championship Draft Series!

Universal Ironman:
At LCW Redemption Day, Stone Cold Steve Austin retained his LCW Universal Championship against Magnum TA in a pay-per-view classic. Since his reign began, Austin has battled back over 10 title challengers, and most of them in consecutive weeks. This week, Austin hopes to do that once again when he takes on a member of the Desperadoes: Dirty Dutch Mantel. Mantel will be looking to bring the gold home for the dominating group, but he's not the only one. This past Sunday at LCW Redemption Day, Big Van Vader and Goldberg both made their ambitious goals clear; Vader verbally declared his path to the title, and Goldberg interfered in the main event title match, some say costing Magnum TA his opportunity. Can Austin do it again, beat Mantel? And what does the future hold for him. Is time running out? Is LCW about to change their clocks to “Vader Time?”

Midnight(mare) Express Calls at Showdown:
New LCW World Tag Team Champions The Midnight Express made their trip to Nastyville a memorable and a successful one when they overcame the Nasty Boys this past Sunday. In a match with history dating back to Mid-South Wrestling, the Midnight Express take on the Rock 'n' Roll Express in title competition this week on Showdown. The Midnight Express were once beaten by the Rock 'n' Roll Express in May 1984 for the then-Mid-South Tag Team titles. Could this be the ultimate Midnight(mare) for the Midnight Express?

Early Bird(man) gets the gold?
Fresh off winning the LCW International Championship this past Sunday night, Paul Orndorff is forced to defend it against the resident birdman of Legends Championship Wrestling – Koko B. Ware – in title action. Orndorff beat Barry Windham for the title this past Sunday, but can his luck continue heading into LCW Showdown this week? Or will this be a short-lived reign on the part of Orndorff?!

The LCW Heritage Championship has become piggy in the middle, so-to-speak, as it pertains to the LCW Showdown Championship Draft as it has switched hands no less than 4 times as part of the Draft Series, and a further time this past Sunday when Bret Hart beat then-champion Kevin Von Erich. However, as Hart is set to defend his title against former WWF Champion Sgt. Slaughter, his condition is in question. This past Sunday, after beating Von Erich, Hart was locked in the Claw and the hold wasn't released for several minutes. Hart was checked over by LCW medics, but his condition is still unknown. If we know Bret, he'll defend it come hell or high water, but will that be a mistake?!

Also, Watch Out For:
- LCW United States Champion Billy Graham defends the belt against Col. DeBeers in title competition. After beating Stan Hansen in a lumberjack match on Sunday, can Graham retain his title again?
- A feud appears to be brewing between the LCW Women's Champion and the LCW Joshi Champion. Lock won the Women's Title on Sunday, and Akira Hokuto is getting a shot at the Joshi Champion, but after remarks made by former Women's Champion Luna Vachon, many fans are sensing an impending war. Is this so?